Friday, February 25, 2011

day 12 and still home sick

much to Gizzi's delight, I am home again today - hunkered down in bed with a sore throat and aches.  She's been sleeping on me only to wake up to eat and bother me to take her out to potty.

I'm glad I bought these vegan boca burgers.  I have been crumbling them on spinach and sprouted wheat tortilla shells for a quick sandwich.

It's odd to be in bed on one of the handful of truly bright and beautiful days we get here in the NW in the winter.  Yesterday it was easier on my psych since it was gray all day.  today leaves me mildly depressed about it all.

Well, back to bed.  Hopefully I'll feel good enough to go to bridge tomorrow.

good night gentle readers,


  1. With this unexpected glitch in your vegan endeavors, will you extend your vegan lifestyle to make up for the time that you have been ill?

    Do you still have enough soups and stews on hand for your "comfort food"?

  2. Hi Tey! I don't consider it a glitch since I've maintained the vegan lifestyle. I do have enough stews and soups to extend into next year I think. :)
    As for extending my vegan-ism, I don't think I will. I will probably maintain a much more vegetarian lifestyle but will have meat maybe once a week. It's been interesting and educational, but I miss turkey and pork.