Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow and sigh - day 9

Ok, I get that my east coast friends have been hammered over and over by snow this winter.  But we're expecting a few inches over the next few days and it makes me nuts.  I don't know if it's about the snow or the fact I'll have to take the bus to work with all the stinky bus people.  And I don't mean the unwashed.  I'm talking about the people who bathe themselves in perfume and cologne because they think it's nice.  Trust me, when I can smell you 4 stops after you get off, it's not pleasant.

The vegan experiment is still going well.  I made a lentil stew that keeps upsetting my stomach.  I think the carrots may have been bad, so I'll trash it tonight and try to make another batch tonight or tomorrow night.

Ok, gentle readers, Mr Yuk and I will say goodbye for now.



  1. Lentils are not easy to digest, in my experience.

    I'm with you re: the perfume. Too bad they can't ban it on buses. It is air pollution, as far as I'm concerned! Well, I'm looking forward to snow, but I hope it's not too stressful for you!

  2. Terri,
    I would love the snow if I didn't have to get to work up here on the hill. Most idiotic place for a hospital! :) I'll look into the digestibility of lentils. I don't think I've had problems with them before though. Maybe I'll make a small second batch and if I have the same reaction I'm not out that much.